ST Nikolina Alendarova – plant DIBSI In the beginning the company started as a small enterprise and today it has turned into a medium-sized plant with dynamic development, modern equipment, wide range of food products and distribution network on the whole territory of the country. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of ketchup, tomato paste, lyutenitsa, mayonnaise, mustard, jam and topping. It brings the Bulgarian tradition in the creation of recipes and helps European practices in the production of foodstuffs.

Our philosophy is: Every product we develop, every investment we make to be geared towards achieving better quality and service that your success requires!”


Our company is committed to servicing the marketplace by developing long term relationships and supplying wide spectrum of foodstuffs to the customers in the country, as well as abroad. By developing our markets, the most important thing for us is the contact with reliable companies which helps us in the supplying of quality food products.


Our products are the result of a long tradition and experience in foodstuffs manufacturing. They are manufactured by a qualified personnel working with advanced technological resources – new equipment, machinery and technologies.

Since 2006 plant DIBSI DIBSI has opened a new production department for tomato products, designed and constructed according to the European hygienic food standards. The company has 3 production departments: a warehouse of raw materials, a ware~ouse for ready production and own truck park for carrying out the distribution activities.


The image of the Company is built with the help of our esteemed personnel – mainly young and qualified people in all sectors – from production to distribution. It makes us sure that our efforts finally reach the clients and they take the best we offer, not only the final product, but also good treatment and respect.

*Dibsi grants the opportunity to its key customers for receiving the product in the packaging/labeling by the customer’s preference. This is one of the incentives in our trade policy which benefits great interest in the country and abroad;
*Dibsi gives the opportunity to its customers for production under the foreign brand of the customer, respecting the wishes of quality and design;
*Dibsi provides free transport within the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria;
*Dibsi works with top quality raw materials from domestic and foreign suppliers;
*Dibsi follows the new trend and regularly puts new products on the market.

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